Thursday, January 20, 2011

Author Spotlight - Cheryl Malandrinos

A Review of Little Shepherd

Ten Questions with Cheryl C. Malandrinos

World of Ink Tour Schedule for Cheryl Malandrinos


Virginia S Grenier said...

Thanks for spotlighting Cheryl and sharing your review and interview with her. She is one amazing writer.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for hosting me today. I love visiting your blog.


Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Virginia. Glad to spotlight Cheryl. Yes, she is an amazing writer.
Hi, Cheryl. Always a pleasure to have you visit my blog.

Joylene Butler said...

Wonderful interview and review, Susanne. I particular love the quote Cheryl's husband gave her. Nice.

Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Joylene! Thanks for stopping by to check out the book review and the interview.

Jennifer Shirk said...

great spotlight!

I really ejoyed Cheryl's interview. She does have an interesting writing quirk. LOL


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