Monday, May 30, 2011

Back Story of The Brothers Foot (Guest Post)

I am a songwriter, not necessarily an author.  The two are one in the same, I believe, and I have been inspired by many songs and books over the years.  "The Foot Foot Song" was one of the first songs I can recall.

My parents gave my sister, brother and I a record player for a Christmas present when I was about four or five years old.  It came with a '45' record sung by Ray Bolger (the scarecrow in the "Wizard of Oz").  I only remember that one side had a yellow label and the other side was pink.  The pink side was a song called "I'm Glad I'm Not a Rubber Ball" and the yellow side was called "The Foot Foot Song"!

I listened to those songs so many times that I never forgot them.  Years later, when I was playing guitar and singing to help get me through college, I would sometimes play "The Foot Foot Song" and everyone would get a big kick out of it.  In 1979, I joined a band in Colorado Springs and occasionally we would do the song just for fun and it was always a big hit.

Somebody even made rabbit puppets for us to use.  They had little ties and one time when we played a restaurant where if someone wore a tie, the wait staff would come ringing a bell, cut off the person's tie and staple it to the wall with their business card attached.

One night when we were playing the song... they came out ringing the cowbell, cut off the rabbit's ties, stapled them to the front of the stage and labeled them 'Foot', 'Foot Foot', and 'Foot Foot Foot'!  That song has always been fun to sing and obviously sticks in a person (or child's) mind forever!

About seven years ago I came up with the idea to write a simple children's book based on the song.  I asked my friend and artist, Ronda Eden, if she would like to do the illustrations.

Ronnie knew the song and even used to sing it for children's story time visits to various schools and libraries in Wyoming (she still has the puppets, by the way).

Well, to make a long story longer... We collaborated on the book, I got the copyright approval for the song and we are very proud of it.  The Brothers Foot has received great reviews so far but neither one of us are very good at marketing or selling so we are hoping the the World of Ink Tour will help us promote the book.

We do have a sequel in the works with a song I wrote years ago called "The Carrot Song".  Why that would relate to three rabbit brothers', I don't know?

A third generation Coloradan, Steve Cormey has entertained the people of Grand County and Colorado for over thirty years. An award winning songwriter, he has written, produced and released six very successful CDs while playing an always full schedule of live performances.

His background in Folk, bluegrass, rock and traditional music is evident whether live or on CD. Colorado Blue, Somewhere with a Beach, Never Summer..forever home, Walking Stick and the all solo-acoustic Pure & Simple CDs offer a potpourri of musical styles, and his Old Fashioned Christmas is a Yule Tide favorite. Steve’s live performances show off a talented mix of danceable music, humor and fun!
Steve makes his home in Grand County, Colorado. Although he has entertained in Australia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii and around the country, you can usually catch his act in the shadows of the Never Summer Mountains of Colorado.

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

What a cool idea, but I'm guessing, Susanne, that this is a guest post and you aren't the creator of the book, right? That threw me for a moment. LOL I thought the picture was your husband or something when I first saw it. :D

Great job getting the word out about the book!

Susanne Drazic said...

Hi, Stina. Sorry about the confusion. Yes, it is a guest post. I made a slight addition to the title/subject line of the post, hoping that clears it up. Perhaps I could have avoided the confusion by sharing Steve's bio first. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Virginia S Grenier said...

Great post Susanne and its great learning about a books back story. I always find it interesting on why a book was written.

Karen Cioffi said...

It's always interesting to learn how authors come up with their ideas. And, songwriting is essentially writing; I've composed two songs myself.The first one I turned into a children's picture book also.

Steven, best wishes for your book's success.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing

Joylene Butler said...

I always wanted to write music. And for sure, writing anything is still writing. Thanks for hosting today, Steve. It was fascinating hearing about your life. Your children's book sounds like fun.

Hi Susanne. Thanks!

Susan Hornbach said...

Great post Susanne. I enjoyed Steve's story.

Susanne Drazic said...

Hi Virginia, Karen, Joylene, and Susan. Thanks for stopping by!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susanne and Steve - great story about the production and book - sound like a lot of fun and I can certainly see them taking off ..

I popped over for a quick listen .. definitely foot tapping!

Cheers and good luck with all the marketing, tours etc .. Hilary

Susanne Drazic said...

Hi Hilary, thanks for stopping by! Glad you got achance to check out the song. I still catch myself singing it from time to time, lol.


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