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A Review of Repairing Rainbows

Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices

Author: Lynda Fishman

Published: June 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9866074-0-0 (Paperback)

Genre: Memoir

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At thirteen years old, Lynda’s life comes to a disastrous halt when her mother and two younger sisters are killed in a plane crash.  Her father, overcome by despair, simply continues to exist, in a state devoid of hope.  After burying a wife and two young children at the age of 44, the overwhelming responsibility of raising a daughter alone completely immobilizes him.

Teetering on that tender brink between childhood and adolescence, Lynda faces the responsibility of a father in a complete state of shock, a house to take care of and hundreds of decisions about how to proceed with their shattered lives.

In Repairing Rainbows she candidly describes the agonizing memories, deafening silence and endless hardships that are the fallout of incredible loss.  As we follow her through marriage, motherhood and her own spiritual journey, Lynda reveals her complex feelings of hope, anger, pity and determination.  Most importantly, she learns the crucial difference between “truly living” and the existence that is so often mistaken for being alive.

A true story, written by a woman whose normal and abundant life hides a terrible past, Repairing Rainbows is loaded with important lessons to help others overcome struggles and obstacles, and fulfill their lives.  It is a powerful, captivating, riveting and easy-to-read story that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of its readers.

Sunday, July 5, 1970 was a day that changed the life of a close, loving family.  It was the day that an Air Canada plane crash took the life of Lynda’s mother and two younger sisters.  It might as well be the day that Lynda’s father “died” too, because he lived in a constant state of shock and was unable to emotionally be there for his daughter.  There were no support groups for Lynda to turn to for help.  There was no one to put her in touch with people who had lost family in that Air Canada plane crash.  She felt so alone in her loss and grief.

I was only able to read a few chapters at a time, because reading about that tragic July day, the funerals and the years of Lynda growing up without her mother and siblings, was such a heartbreaking story.  There were times that I got teary eyed, so I was glad to have had the foresight to have a box of tissues on hand.

Repairing Rainbows is also a book about hope, courage, and digging deep within one's self to find strength.  Lynda knew that she had choices.  She could choose to let this tragedy consume her for the rest of her life, like it did her father, or she could choose to live the life that she knew her mother would want her to live. 

Towards the end of the book, Lynda shares about her experiences of meeting with a medium who helps her reach out to her family members on the other side.  Lynda learns that her family is together and that they are happy.  They are always with her.  She is able to finally find peace.

If you like reading memoirs, you will want to read Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices.

In 1970, when she was thirteen years old, Lynda’s life came to a disastrous halt when her mother and two younger sisters were killed in an Air Canada plane crash.

As a young teen, Lynda made a conscious decision to become happy and to lead a fulfilled life.  Lynda chose to live.  She was committed to learning, growing and making a difference.  Determined to find meaning and purpose in her life, she managed to muster up the courage and strength to dream big, to be idealistic, to strive for more, and to live a meaningful life where she could make a difference in he lives of others.

Lynda Fishman is a trained clinical social worker who has spent over twenty years as a camp director.  In the early 90s, Lynda was one of the first camp directors in the Toronto area to incorporate children with special needs into mainstream camp life.  Lynda has devoted a lifetime to organized camping and is passionate about the positive role of camping in a person’s life.  She is the owner and director of Adventure Valley Day Camp.

Lynda is a motivational and inspirational speaker and facilitator.  She has published articles and training manuals on leadership, teamwork, bullying, trust, childhood health and wellness, communication and customer service.

Lynda’s husband, Barry Fishman, has his own amazing story to share, having been orphaned at age 17 and left alone to care for his brother with special needs.  Lynda and Barry met as teenagers and have been together since then.  They have three grown children, and the whole family is heavily involved in supporting children dealing with tragedy, cancer or other life-threatening diseases, fund-raising and charity events.

Barry has spent his entire career working in the health care and pharmaceutical company.  Teva Pharmaceuticals.  Barry serves on the Board of Directors of the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Lynda is a woman of action.  She has incredible enthusiasm for life.  She is persistent, focused and faithful to her dreams and goals.  She is willing to work for everything with patience, optimism and determination.  She finds ways to be grateful and positive.  Lynda goes out there and does what she has to do with a CAN DO attitude of gratitude, positivity, compassion, and honesty.


Tribute Books said...

Thanks Susanne as always for a wonderfully written, heartfelt review. We so appreciate your taking the time to read Repairing Rainbows and to post your thoughts about the book. Thanks for being a part of the blog tour. We're glad to have you on board.

Joylene said...

Wonderful review, Susanne. The book couldn't have been easy to read. You did it great justice here. I'm taking a closer look. Thanks.

Marlena Cassidy said...

This sounds like such an incredibly powerful memoir. Lydia has great courage in writing all that pain and triumph and then sharing it all with the world. I wish her the best of luck in all that she does.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susanne .. the review you've given certainly draws me in - one day I'd definitely like to read "Repairing Rainbows".

Lynda and Barry sound amazing people .. offering so much to others, having experienced their own horrors.

Thanks for reviewing this - Hilary

anthony stemke said...

I enjoyed reading this beautifully poignant review.
Thank You.

Karen Cioffi said...

Gave me goosebumps just reading the back cover. It sounds like an amazing story and journey. Best Wishes with it.

Susanne Drazic said...

Hello to everyone who stopped by to check out the review and leave a comment!

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Great review and new-to-me author intro, Susanne! Repairing Rainbows sounds like a book I need to read.


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