Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Upcoming 2012 Education Wants to Be Free Classes

Four new courses are being offered at Education Wants to Be Free in February 2012. They are:

Write Your Novel YOUR Way in 100 Days. This course takes a different approach to teaching novel writing. Instead of giving you a single route to writing your novel and prescribing a specific system, you learn about what goes into the final product and then Terri gives you a buffet of techniques to use to write your novel. Can't stand plot outlines? No problem. Need a highly structured plot outline? No problem. Need something in between? No problem. Many roads lead to
Rome but you may find one more accommodating than another. The course includes a critique of up to 50,000 words of your novel, feedback on individual assignments, interaction with both students and instructor. ($19.95 for 18 weeks of Instruction)

Writing and Selling Magazine Articles. Writing magazine articles provides the easiest road to publication for the beginning writer. For the established writer, it can give you an additional revenue stream. Writing magazine articles is easy and profitable. Terri has taught this course many times and always has students sell articles or get assignments during the course. Includes critiques of two magazine articles, feedback on individual assignments and interaction with both students and instructor via email and a discussion board. ($19.95 for 18 weeks of instruction)

Computer Mediated Communication
for Writers. The idea of the solitary writer working alone is becoming an anachronism. Writers today are connected to the world from their computers, tablets, smartphones and even ereaders. This connection has changed the environment in which we communicate. From Social Media Marketing and Networking to Online Collaoration to Writing Effective Emails to Epublishing and Writing for Digital Media, this course introduces you to the world of Computer Mediated Communication and how to use it to advance your writing career. This is a specially dedicated version of a course that Terri has taught for three years at the college. However, unlike the college course, this one focuses entirely on the needs of writers. This course is built around a discovery model with the student working individually and in a group of other students, taking part in a number of exercises. By the end of the course, the student will have created Facebook Friend and Like (formerly Fan) pages, a Twitter account dedicated to writing endeavors, a blog and a website. The student will also develop a social media marketing plan. Instructor will provide feedback on all of these assignments. ($19.95 for 18 weeks of Instruction)

Time Management for Writers. This one month course expands on the popular week long seminar Terri has taught at the Muse Conference. During that one week, you can only really talk about the techniques of time management. In this course, you will apply those techniques. By the end of the course, you will have completed a time inventory, set up a daily planner customized to your lifestyle, apply at least three time management techniques for an entire month and report on the results. You will interact with other students, sharing triumphs and challenges, and the instructor. ($3.95 for four weeks of instruction)

Give the Gift of Learning - If you have a writer friend (published or unpublished), you can make a gift of learning by purchasing one or more of these courses. Email Terri at
webservant2003@gmail.com for information.

Two-fer Specials - if you register for one class at full price, you can register in a
class of equal or lesser price (now or anytime within 12 months) for half price. Or if you want to register with another person, one of you will get your registration for half off. It's great to take classes with another. You can buy one and give the other to a friend. So, You could get two novel professional writing courses for $29.90. Or take the Magazine Writing and Computer Mediated Communication class together for the same price. Since these same courses will be offered Summer and Fall 2012, you don't even have to take the courses at the same time. Email Terri at webservant2003@gmail.com for details.

The Super Bundle - Terri has held off the best deal for last. You can have the whole writing bundle for $40. That's all four courses, plus you'll receive two free ebooks - a $10 value.

*** The special pricing for the Two-fer Specials and The Super Bundle are good through January 20th.
If you want to take advantage of the discounts, you must email Terri directly at webservant2003@gmail.com for instructions on how to do that since she have to enroll you manually.

At Education Wants to Be Free, Terri has made learning fun and affordable.

*** BTW, Terri will give half off on any one course to anyone who will promote these classes in some way on their blog or website.

BIO - Terri Main has written professionally for more than 40 years and has taught at the college level for 30. She is a pioneer in online education having developed online courses for college level instruction since 1999. She brings both her teaching and writing skills and experience to the table in these courses. Her writing has appeared in a variety of magazines including: Woman's World, Writer's Digest, American Way, Salesman's Opportunity, Entrepreneur, and American Food and Ag Exporter. Her Science Fiction Mystery Novel Dark Side of the Moon was released in 2011 by MuseItUp publishing. She has also taught communication at Reedley College for the past 22 years both face-to-face and online and was instrumental in transforming the college newspaper into a multi-media online publication. She lives in Reedley, California with three computers and five cats.


Terri said...

Thanks so much for this post. I hope it is helpful to others.

Kimberly said...

Wow, these sound like great classes at great prices. I hope she gets a lot of attendees!

Cheryl said...

Sounds great. I'll post this at my writers blog later today.

Jemi Fraser said...

Very interesting stuff! Thanks for the tips :)

SherryE said...

Sounds like a lot of great classes! Thanks for sharing these tips.

Joylene said...

I'm passing these along to my critiquing friends. Great stuff. Thanks!

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