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Misspelled Words

Have you ever found yourself mispelling misspelling words, because they’re not always spelled the way they sound? Silent letters can really throw a person off of their game when it comes to spelling.

See if you can find the correct spelling from each set of words. Now don’t cheat and look them up in the dictionary and don't go to the end to see what the answers are until after you made your choices.

1. (a) dumbell
    (b) dumbbell
    (c) dummbell

2. (a) cemetery
    (b) cematery
    (c) cemetary

3. (a) perogative
    (b) perogitive
    (c) prerogative

4. (a) posession
    (b) possesion
    (c) possession

5. (a) accommodate
    (b) acommodate
    (c) acomodate

6. (a) garantee
    (b) guarantee
    (c) guarante

7. (a) consensis
    (b) consensus
    (c) consenssus

8. (a) greatfully
    (b) gratefuly
    (c) gratefully

1. (b) dumbbell
2. (a) cemetery
3. (c) prerogative
4. (c) possession
5. (a) accommodate
6. (b) guarantee
7. (b) consensus
8. (c) gratefully

So how did you do? Share your results in the comments.

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More Blogs to Check Out

Can you believe it is already Monday?  Although I knew yesterday was Sunday, and Monday always follows Sunday, I forgot I needed to have a blog post ready for today.  Oh my!  What to do?  I'll share some more blog links!  If you like YA, then check out these links:



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Have fun checking out these blogs.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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Blogs to Check Out

I thought I'd share some blog links with you today.  I hope you'll stop by and check them out.

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Do you already follow any of them?

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Only Two Weeks Left ...

Are you registered for The Muse Online Writers Conference? 

Oh good!  I'm hearing lots of people say yes.  That is wonderful!  I look forward to "seeing" you all there.

Oh my!  Did I just hear someone say that they aren't registered?  Well don't waste another minute!  There are ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT to sign up for The Muse Online Writers Conference.  Sunday, September 25th is the very last day you can sign up. 

Click on the banner on my sidebar or this link, where you will find all kinds of information about the conference and then be sure to click on the registration link to get yourself signed up. 

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Mission Possible by D. L. McCarragher

Mission Possible:
Spiritual Covering 
Author: D. L. McCarragher
Publisher: Alabaster Box Publishing, Inc.
Date of Publication: July 2009
Paperback, 80 pages    ISBN 13: 978-0-615-30357-4
Audio Book on CD   ISBN 13: 978-0-615-28584-9
Also available in Kindle format at and Ebook format at Smashwords

Mission Possible is a unique book in the Christian marketplace.  It addresses a subject that is often overlooked and misunderstood.  It is a candid look at Deborah's struggles and quest to reach her husband for Christ.  She became a believer seven years into her marriage, and this book is her personal testimony.  It applies Scripture and biblical principles to everyday struggles encountered within a spiritually mismatched marriage.  Mission Possible won the 2010 Readers Favorite Gold Seal Award for best Christian Non-Fiction book, and was nominated for the Christian Small Publisher’s Assoc. Book of the Year Award in 2009.

Excerpt – Chapter 1 - You’ve Embraced Christ Now What?

The spiritual skirmish had begun. Don’t underestimate the enemy. I did not fully understand spiritual warfare and would learn about that as time progressed. I began to grow in my understanding of God’s Word and how Satan opposes a couple’s holy union. I would learn about “putting on the whole armor of God” (Ephesians -19). I would learn that “standing firm” was mandatory - - not an option. My spiritual clothing was necessary for survival as “half of a saved couple”. God desires for you to become “one flesh” – at the altar and in the spirit realm. Satan can’t bear the thought of it. This is where your perseverance plays a huge part.

The enemy will mercilessly bombard you with thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical disdain for your mate. You must take every thought captive (II Corinthians 10:5) and stop looking at your mate as the enemy. Don’t let his actions and words provoke you into disobedience. 

Paul writes in Ephesians 4:29, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for building up, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” Matthew 18:9 states, “and if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you.” So it goes with your tongue. 

Stop committing spiritual murder against your mate! Bite it off and cast it away! Don’t sin by grieving God as you curse the very person God wills to join you to, as ONE!

MISSION POSSIBLE is a "must have" book for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for Jesus ...

In Mission Possible you will:
- Discover how to believe with radical faith for your spouses's salvation
- Learn the secret to "staying the course" while you wait for your promise
- Find out why many women don't like to share their "secret sorrow"
- Overcome your own fears and doubts about your husband's future with God
- Join other women in the knowledge that God has a perfect plan of unity for you and your spouse

Deborah began her journey of creative writing soon after coming to know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1989.  She uses her spiritual gifts of encouragement and teaching in her home church.  She is also a small business owner of over twenty years. Her primary goal is to share her personal testimony with others while bringing hope and practical help through her book. She and her husband have one married son serving in the US Military. They reside in north Florida

Could you tell us a little about your background?

I grew up in a Navy family and moved frequently as a child.  I married my first husband right out of high school.  That marriage ended in divorce four years later. I remarried in 1982 (to my current husband) and we’ve been married for 28 years.  Seven years into our marriage, I gave my life to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

What inspired you to write this influential book?
I was involved with a local intercessory prayer group at the time, and was prompted by God during prayer to write down what He was conveying to me about my husband and his salvation.  It was quite literally written while inspired, and without much effort on my part.  I just typed on the computer as He led me to bible verses and topics to talk about.  I remember writing down the names of the (7) chapters during prayer time on a tablet - just looking at them afterwards in awe.  It was quite a moving experience. 

What primary advice do you have for women who are married to "non-believing" husbands?

I think the most important advice is to have faith in Who God Is and His sovereignty.  We can't "pre-package" our spouse's conversion experience, and God will always do what will bring Him the "most glory".  We also have to remember that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood.  Our spouse (if unsaved) isn't governed by God's Spirit - so we have to release them from that accountability.  We must have faith that rests in God and not in our own understanding, or by sight!

What kinds of reactions has the book generated thus far?

I have had great reaction to my little book.  Some women love it because it is not lengthy, and they can read it quickly - yet refer back to it over & over again.  One woman emailed me a testimony that she was nearly ready to leave her husband, but after reading the book, felt that God was leading her to give her marriage another try.  That was very humbling and gratifying for me.  I just want to help women see that there is an alternative to being miserable in an unequally yoked marriage.

What's the main message that you'd like readers to take away from it?

I would love readers to discover that God has a plan for each marriage that is in spiritual disunity.  It involves us, but it is always done HIS WAY!  I want readers to know that it is a process that evolves over time, that we must not put God in a box, but give Him room to move in our spouse's life.  They need to know that because we are not perfect and continue to sin, that satan will try to discourage and influence us (women) to believe that our "mission" is not possible - but with God, all things are possible!

Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

Just that I know how difficult it is to be married to a spouse who doesn't share your love and devotion to the Lord Jesus.  I, like many of my readers, get frustrated and disillusioned, but I know God has perfect timing and our best interests at heart overall.  He wants our spouses to come to a saving knowledge of Him and embrace a future together that brings glory to Him. 

How can our readers learn more about you and contact you directly?
They can visit my website at or email me at  My paperback book is available on my website at .  I offer a reduced price and FREE Shipping. It is also available for order at any Christian bookstore, as well as through online stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  My ebook is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other online ebook retailers.

I also maintain an inspirational Blog at

Deborah, thanks for a great interview.  I want to mention that readers can also connect with you on Facebook at

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Mind Over Mind Blog Tour

Mind Over Mind  
Author:  Karina Fabian

Publisher: Dragon Moon Press
Published: July 2011
ISBN:  978-1897942369

Back Cover Blurb/Summary: 
Deryl Stephen’s uncontrollable telepathic abilities have landed him in a mental health institution, where no one believes in his powers.

But when Joshua Lawson, a student of neuro linguistic programming, takes part in a summer internship, he takes the unique step of accepting Deryl’s reality and teaches him to work with it. As Deryl learns control, he finds his next challenge is to face the aliens who have been contacting him psychically for years—aliens who would use him to further their cause in an interplanetary war.

Ydrel threw himself into wakefulness with such force that he sat up in bed. Still, the nightmare images clung to his mind: the beat of a hundred hearts, the smell of sweat and fear. He clutched his stomach and fought the urge to scream.

A hundred bodies crowded around him, crushing him against the splintered wood of the boxcar.

No, this isn’t real!

No room to move. No air to breathe. Suffocating. Drowning.

No, this isn’t me!

Confusion and fear. Fear the trip would never end. Terror of what waited at its completion.

NO! These aren’t MY memories!!

Ydrel threw up shaky mental barriers. The visions faded, just slightly. He forced his eyes open, drinking in reassurance from familiar objects.

He sat in bed, an oversized twin, backed up against pillows rather than splintered wood. Pre-dawn light shone softly through the blinds. On the nightstand, Descartes regarded him with one button eye. The only thing left from before his mother died, he’d slept with that bear until an orderly commented on his “abnormal attachment.” Since then it had stood watch over him instead, braced against the lamp. Even now, without any orderlies around, Ydrel resisted the urge to clutch it close to his chest, but he reached out to touch one tattered foot.

On the shelf beside the window sat a portable boom box, a gift from his first birthday here—his thirteenth. Five years ago, today. The maintenance man had disabled the volume control after Ydrel played it too loudly. Thereafter, he’d found other ways to block out the moans and occasional screams that penetrated the closed door. Happy birthday.

The stereo held up several books. He was studying them in case it called. He both dreaded and longed for the calls. Each episode only gave them more reason to keep him here, yet there was something as familiar and comforting about it as his old bear.

He turned his gaze to the far wall and the framed pictures of a nebula and the solar system by his half-empty closet. On his sixteenth birthday, he’d been allowed to decorate his room and he’d chosen those posters and a mild blue paint to replace the still–lifes and the institutional burgundy-and-pink color scheme. While it had been a relief to his eyes, it was also a constant reminder that they never intended for him to leave.

This is my room, he thought. In the asylum. Even after five years, he’d never call it home. He’d never give Malachai the satisfaction.

Calmer now, his mental barriers in place, Ydrel allowed himself to examine the vision that awakened him. Hundreds of bodies packed into a train car not suited for twenty. Most had traveling clothes, but had shed them against the heat. No room to move. The air was stifling and stale. No one knew where they were going. Some suspected, but said nothing. The destination was worse than the trip.

Ydrel sighed. Isaac was on the train to Dachau again.

Ydrel threw off the covers and dressed quickly in a blue t-shirt and jeans, socks and generic sneakers. Already Isaac’s projected fear was breaking down his mental defenses; Ydrel’s fingers trembled as he fumbled with the laces.

Once out in the corridor, he hastened to the old man’s room, forcing himself to keep his pace smooth, his face composed. Someone would stop him if he hurried or looked distressed, and any delay would be unbearable. As he walked he got into character. His stride lengthened; his face hardened. He held his hands relaxed but ready by his hips. When he got to Isaac’s door, he cast a wary look down the hall, then slipped in.

The old man lay on a standard hospital bed, his wide, wild eyes staring at the ceiling but focused on his inner horrors. His hands fluttered helplessly on the thin coverlet. He labored for each ragged breath.

Ydrel sat beside him and composed his own vision.

The train stops so suddenly that people would have been thrown down if they hadn’t been so tightly packed in. The sound of gunfire and shouts in German. The boxcar door opens with a rusty screech. Someone yells in Yiddish, then German: “Out! Now! Quickly, to the woods—to the south!” Relief from the press of bodies, then a new pressure as the flow of people pushes him through the door. Someone grabs his arm —

Ydrel grabbed Isaac by the arm as he pushed the new vision into the old man’s mind.

Isaac blinked, twisted toward Ydrel, then smiled, his eyes bright with tears. “Gideon! Old friend. Thank God!”

Tour Schedule:
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Inspiration Behind Mind Over Mind
Deryl's Letter
On Uncontrolled Telepathy
character sketch-Joshua
First Rule of Telepathy
The Making of Mind Over Mind
Small Steps to Big Goals
Excerpt:  Joshua and his parents
Joshua's e-mail
10 reasons to read/write sff
Joshua & Sachiko
Prioritizing Tips
The  Miscria
One Sentence a Day
I Like Ideas!
character interview
Marketing and the Multi-Genre Writer
What Can't Your Character Do?
Malachai's Message
Alien cultures
Top Ten Reasons I Write
Telepathy or Insanity?
advice to teen writers


Unlike her characters, Karina Fabian lives a comfortably ordinary life.  Wife to Air Force Colonel Robert Fabian and mother of four, her adventures usually involve packing and moving, attending conventions, or giving writing and marketing advice in one of her many workshops.  She's always had an overactive imagination, however, and started writing in order to quell the voices in her head--characters who insisted on living lives in her mind and telling her their stories.  Winner of the 2010 INDIE award, winner and finalist for the EPPIE and finalist for the Global e-book awards, she's glad people enjoy reading the tales her characters tell.



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