Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Did You Set Any Goals or Resolutions for 2012?

The following are my goals/resolutions:

1. Work on my health by eating healthier, losing weight, and exercising.
2. Declutter my home by eliminating unnecessary items and simplifying how things are done.
3. Take classes and workshops, pertaining to all aspects of writing, whenever possible.
4. Read at least one book a week.
5. Write something everyday.
6. Submit at least one piece of writing per month.  More than once a month would be better!
7. Try to do a better job of keeping up with my blog reading.

Did you set any goals or resolutions for 2012?


Miranda Hardy said...

Hope you keep each one of them. I'd like to get a lot done this year, but I'm not making any specific goals.

Jemi Fraser said...

I never do :) But I like yours! I'm hoping to read a book a week too - at least I put 50 on my Goodreads challenge :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Great goals, Susanne.

Mine are similar (although I'm pretty good with #1). I'm not planning to submit anything monthly. I'm querying now, but that's about it for the submission part.

Janet Johnson said...

Great goals! I haven't written any of my goals down yet. It's on my to-do list. ;)

elysabeth said...

Susanne, looks like a nice list of goals to set. I set writing/blogging/sales goals and have already failed miserably at one of them - Write every day. but I'm about to change that. I will be writing every day from here on out. I have at least done my prepost blogging for this week and will work on more later this week so I can stay ahead of that aspect. The sales I can't control. I would love to see more but I'll be happy to see at least 10 a month on each title - I may have to do an average and I've set up my table to be quarterly so we'll just see how that goes.

I wish you much success in meeting your goals for the year. E :)

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susanne .. I think I'll have yours - saves me writing my own out! I'm on way to getting organised and have started new projects .. so will just keep plodding on!

Happy New Year and a very happy 2012 cheers Hilary

anthony stemke said...

I wish you the best with all your goals.
The tipster and I are using your No.1 and plan to stick with it.

Angela Ackerman said...

I'm a goal setter, not a resolution maker. :) I definitely want to make more time for reading, fit in more NF writing books into that, go to a conference this year and get my other MG revised and ready to send out. I really hope to write a new book this year as well. I need to write something new, I think!


Donna M. McDine said...

Great 2012 goals! I plan on writing Mon thru Fri first thing before anything else.

Best regards,
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Tracy said...

I hadn't officially made a list yet...but (with the exception of #6) I think I might just borrow yours since it sounds pretty darn good.

Happy New Year, Susanne!

Susanne Drazic said...

Hi to all! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog post and take the time to leave a comment.

I think that #6 is definitely a lofty goal, but since some of the things I plan to submit are poems I've written and articles I plan to write, I think I should be able to stick to the goal. If not, I'll at least be giving it a great try.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2012!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Great goals, Susanne. Good luck with them.

One goal I have for 2012 is to take a little more time to relax and do personal stuff, like play the piano, scrapbooking, genealogy.

Joanne said...

Great list, what I really like about it is that it's definitely manageable. And by chipping away at smaller tasks, we move toward our larger goals ...

Julie Musil said...

Those are such great goals! My goals are a bit loose, but still worth pursuing :D

Talli Roland said...

Great goals! I haven't set any goals yet -- that's my goal. :)

Happy 2012!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I want to cut and paste your goals for 2012! Outstanding list. :)


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