Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This and That Links 2

My post last week was on the goals/resolutions I set for myself for 2012.  Check out this link to a blog post titled "Forget Resolutions Go For Real Solutions."  I thought it was pretty cool.


Here is a giveaway at JGDS that I just learned about today. 


Blogging From A to Z Challenge is in April 2012.  For details on when to sign up, where to sign up and any other details about the challenge, check out the following link.  I've decided to give it a shot this year.  Should be LOTS of fun.



  1. I did the A to Z Challenge last year, posting publishing and promoting tips for all the letters. I have something different planned for this year though.

  2. Hi Susanne .. I went over to Writers on the Move - but I can't comment or email them .. to ask if they could change to a pop up comment box -

    Would you mind please asking them to change their settings .. I've followed them and RSSd .. but can't comment because of blogger changing the template setting for embedded comments.

    Thanks - their post for goals for the New Year - was really good ..

    Thanks for the links .. Hilary

  3. Thanks for the links. Have a most productive new year! Roland

  4. I read that link and I liked how they wrote out something for each letter in Happy New Year. Reminds me that I have that 7 Habits book and have never read it! Maybe that will be my goal this year.

  5. Thanks for the links! I hadn't decided about the A-Z blogfest just yet. It does seem to take over, doesn't it? But I'll have to check out the other link. Solutions sound good to me!

  6. I forgot about the annual A to Z challenge. I'm not doing it because I prefer to blog only three days a week. The other days are so I can catch up on the comments I get on my non blogging days. There's no way I could post everyday for a month. I'd have no time to write.

    Good luck with it! :D

  7. Susanne, Thanks for sharing the links to both the Writers on the Move and my blog. The A to Z blogging challenge sounds interesting. I may have to look into a bit more and take advantage of it. E :)

    Hillary, Have you tried to preview your comments first before publishing them? I've found on some of the blogs that aren't a pop-up window for comments that if I preview the comment first, I more likely can publish it. If that doesn't work, there should be a contact email for Karen who is the blog owner and you can probably email her from the profile page. If that doesn't work or you can't locate her contact information, email me at eeldering (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll forward the message to her and we will see what we can do to accommodate everyone - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a YA paranormal mystery
    "The Proposal" (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook
    "The Tulip Kiss", a paranormal romance ebook

    Ma America, The Travelin Maven
    Author of the JGDS, 50-state, mystery trivia series and "Train of Clues" (a mystery destination story and predecessor to the JGDS series)
    Where will the adventure take you next?

  8. Thank You for providing those links, interesting.

  9. That's a great link! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh cool...I'll check out that resolution one. I'm all about goal setting, but not to much into resolutions. :)

    Hope you have a great 2012!

  11. Oh my gosh, the A to Z challenge is coming up again? I did it last year, but this year I won't be able to.

    I really liked that resolution link. That was good!

  12. I'm visiting my grandson clear across on the other side of the continent, so... I guess I won't be doing the A-Z challenge again this year. Who knew Januarys could be so unpredictable.

    Thanks for the links, Susanne. Have a great day.

  13. Thanks for the links! I always want to do A-Z, but never have the time.

  14. Definitely looking forward to the A-Z challenge.


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