Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are You Ready For The Blogging From A to Z Challenge?

The Blogging From A to Z Challenge starts Sunday, April 1st.  There is still time to join.  Don't miss out on the fun.  There are over 1500 blogs signed up!



  1. Wahoo! Yes, I'm ready. I had so much fun last year!

  2. Sesame street of course!! This is my first year signing up for the challenge ... and I still think I'm crazy!!! :)

  3. I like Alphabet of Nations the best. Catchy little tune too.

  4. Have fun! I can't handle the A to Z. I always wish I were doing it though.

  5. Hi Kimberly! This is my first year participating in the challenge.

    Hi Jemi! I'm a first timer with this challenge too. Should be a fun month.

    Hi Stephen, I thought that Alphabet of Nations was pretty cool too.

    Hi Alexia, I hope you'll have fun stopping at all the blogs who are participating in the challenge. Have a great week!


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