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7 Steps to Writing for Article Directories by Karen Cioffi

Among marketing strategies, writing for article directories is certainly up there. It offers a large readership with the advantage of having those readers click back to your site.

While it is writing for free, it should be considered a part of your business expense, at least your time aspect of it. Just like any other form of marketing it is used to create and increase your visibility. It’s an investment.

I know it can get tedious having to write and submit articles to the directories, but the articles don’t have to be long. Here are 7 steps to writing for the directories:

1. Create a title

You want your title to be search engine friendly. Be sure you have your keyword/s in it–make it specific also. It has recently been determined that shorter titles work better than longer ones. You can create a “How to” title; a “Steps” title, or a “List” title. An example of a search engine friendly title is the title of this article.

If possible, it’s also advisable to have your keyword at the beginning of your title. 

2. Write an outline 

This is optional, because there are many writers who can write with the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method. But, if you are more comfortable with an outline, that’s fine. It does provide structure.

3. Create List, How-to, and Step-by-Step articles

This is a popular way to go. Readers love to see simple 1, 2, 3 lists of what they should do or should NOT do.

Be sure to include your keyword/s in the first paragraph and a couple of times throughout the article. Just don’t overdo it.

4. Parts of the article

Your first paragraph should be interesting and let the reader know what the article is about, but don’t give away too much–you want the reader to continue reading.

Your second paragraph or section should inform and elaborate on the first paragraph. This part should fulfill the reader’s expectations.

Your last paragraph should sum up what the article is about and conclude with a lead-in to your resource box.

5. Write the minimum word count or just above

Check the guidelines for each particular directory. The minimum word count is usually around 400. But, check the site to make sure. Burn-out is easy with article marketing, especially if you’re ghostwriting articles as well as writing for your own sites. Keeping articles short and to the point helps in this area.

6. The resource box

Some sites allow you to include a resource box which is about you and what you can offer the reader. Check the site’s guidelines because they may have specific requirements for the length of the resource box in relation to the length of the article.


Once your article is complete, submit to a number of article directories. A couple of popular directories are Ezine Articles, Associated Content, Article City, Suite101, and Helium. Since the popularity and effectiveness of directories can change, you may need to do a bit of research for this step. But, those listed should be a good bet. 

Note: It’s not essential, but if possible change the title of the article and at least the beginning content a bit when submitting to multiple article directories. This will make the search engines think the content is new.

That’s about it. Write, write, write . . .

Karen Cioffi is a multi-award-winning author, freelance writer, editor, and marketer. Ignite your writing and marketing efforts with A Writer’s World Ezine. Get weekly tips and guidance, plus updates on free webinars, and TWO FREE ebooks! Go to http://thewritingworld.com and sign-up today.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Winner of a Copy of In All Things is ...

Julie Kemp Pick!

She blogs over at Empty Nest Insider

Julie, I've sent you an email requesting your mailing address, so a copy of this book can be sent to you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Proposal by Elysabeth Eldering

The Proposal

by Elysabeth Eldering

Published by:  Elysabeth Eldering, via Smashwords

Published:  October 2011

Genre:  Humorous fiction, Humorous romantic 

Format:  eBook

Available at:  Amazon, B&N, Smashwords

Book Description
April 1st, a day filled with practical jokes and Stella's 25th birthday. It looks to be a day filled with wonderful surprises and not of the killjoy jokes that Stella is the victim of because her boyfriend, Henry, the most straight-laced man she has ever met, who also has been the victim of many practical jokes from her family, takes her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Stella hopes this will be the night he proposes. Her mother's hand in playing practical jokes on Stella shows up throughout the evening. Stella and Henry devise a joke of their own to play on her mother. After all, turn around is fair play. Find out if Stella accepts Henry's proposal in The Proposal (An April Fools Day story).

My Thoughts
Do you like humor, romance, or practical jokes?  Put them all together and you have The Proposal.  

I think the cover for The Proposal is nicely done and fits quite well.  If you take a good look at it, you get an idea of what can be found inside this story.  

I'm not big on April Fools Day jokes, because I'm usually on the receiving end.  I guess that's why I thought it was fun to see the prankster finally have an April Fools joke played on them.

The Proposal can be read in one sitting, so it is perfect for when you want something to read while taking a break.  I enjoyed reading The Proposal and I think others will too. 

AUTHOR BIO - Ms. Eldering is the award winning author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad (JGDS), 50-state, mystery, trivia series.  Her stories "Train of Clues", "The Proposal" (available as an ebook), "Tulip Kiss" (available as an ebook), and "Butterfly Halves", all placed first, second, or runner up in various contests to include two for Armchair Interviews and two for Echelon Press (Fast and ... themed type contests).  Her story "Bride-and-Seek" (available as an ebook) was selected for the South Carolina Writers' Workshop (SCWW) anthology, the Petigru Review.  Ms. Eldering makes her home in upper state South Carolina and loves to travel, read, cross stitch and crochet.  When she's not busy with teenaged children still at home, working her full-time job as a medical transcriptionist or participating in virtual classroom visits, she can be found at various homeschool or book events promoting her writing.  
For more information about the JGDS series, please visit the JGDS blog at http://jgdssseries.blogspot.com or the JGDS website at http://jgdsseries.weebly.com
For more information about Elysabeth's other writings, please visit her general writing and family blog at http://elysabethsstories.blogspot.com or her website at http://eeldering.weebly.com

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Book Giveaways & A New Blog

Free Christian Book Shopping Spree - 2 Days Only!

Kristen's Raw 33rd Awesome Giveaway - Free Raw Vegan Recipe Ebooks

Don't forget about the book giveaway mentioned in Monday's post.  The winning name will be drawn on 6/24.  If you missed the post, here's the link: susannedrazic.blogspot.com/2012/06/book-review-for-in-all-things.html 

If you get a chance, stop by and check out my new blog.  It's called Notes From a Kitchen Divided.  Here's the link:  notesfromakitchendivided.blogspot.com 

UPDATE: The above mentioned blog has been deleted for personal reasons.  Thank you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Book Review for In All Things

In All Things
Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost

by Laura Smith

Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.

Published: November 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1612440408

Available as: eBook and paperback

Genre: Christian faith, Inspirational, Family/Parenting/Child Birth & Loss, Relationships, Memoir

Available at: Halo Publishing Bookstore, Amazon, B&N, and all major booksellers

From The Back Cover
In All Things is a witty and raw account of an otherwise normal life filled with incredible challenges that will make you laugh out loud and cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  You will share in one woman's spiritual journey through raising a difficult child, longing for a baby only to be told it is not possible and then to experience God's intervention and devastating loss.  Learn how one miraculous encounter with God created an unshakeable faith that would later give her the strength to face life and death with her oldest daughter.

My Review
In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost is about the spiritual journey of Laura Smith.  She openly shares about the events in her life that led to divorce, being a single mom of two daughters, the challenges of a strong willed child, getting married for a second time, miscarriage, and depression.  Through these life experiences, Laura learned to trust the Lord and found healing peace through his grace.  

From the moment I started reading this book, I was drawn in.  Each time I had to put it down, I found myself rushing through my housework so I could get back to reading.  I laughed, I cried tears of sadness, but also tears of joy.  Although my spiritual journey has been nothing like the author's, I could understand the pain and sadness she had gone though. 

In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost is a very inspirational book.  It is for any woman or man who has suffered any kind of loss, especially that of an unborn child.

Laura Smith works as a medical coding and reimbursement specialist in Northern Minnesota. She spent her youth on a small dairy farm in Northeast Minnesota. She was married two weeks after her high school graduation. Three years and two children later, she was facing divorce and single parenthood. She moved to a college town in north central MN where she hoped to earn a degree and make a life for her and her two young daughters. There she met and married the love of her life. Together they embarked on a life together as a ready-made family facing all the challenges that comes with it. They had no idea that the life experiences they walked through early on and one life altering event would prepare them for the ultimate challenge, the possible death of their daughter.

*** GIVEAWAY ***
A paperback copy of In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost will be given away to one lucky commenter.  The giveaway will run from 6/18 - 6/23.  A blog post, with the winner's name, will be posted on 6/24.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review of The Emotion Thesaurus

The Emotion Thesaurus:
A Writer's Guide To Character Expression

Authors:  Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

Published:  May 2012

Available as eBook, PDF and paperback

Available thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Book Description 
One of the biggest problem areas for writers is conveying a character's emotions to the reader in a unique, compelling way. This book comes to the rescue by highlighting 75 emotions and listing the possible body language cues, thoughts, and visceral responses for each. Written in an easy-to-navigate list format, readers can draw inspiration from character cues that range in intensity to match any emotional moment. The Emotion Thesaurus also tackles common emotion-related writing problems and provides methods to overcome them. This writing tool encourages writers to show, not tell emotion and is a creative brainstorming resource for any fiction project.

Being a follower of The Bookshelf Muse blog, I was really excited to learn that Angela and Becca were putting together a book about characters emotions.  I knew this was going to be a book that not just myself, but all writers would greatly benefit from.

This easy to use guide covers 75 different emotions.  I like how each emotion is broken down in the book.  There is a definition for each of the emotions, physical signals, internal sensations, mental responses, cues of acute or long term (insert emotion being covered), what each of the emotions may escalate to, cues of suppressed (insert emotion being covered), and finally writer's tips.  

For anyone who struggles with how to show, not tell characters emotions, this helpful guide will make the task much easier to accomplish.  It also helps in avoiding the use of tired, overused cliches that make there way into writing, more times than we'd like.

I have a PDF copy of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression, but plan on getting a paperback copy of the book so that I have the guide more readily accessible when I'm away from the computer.  This book will never collect dust on my bookshelf, as it will be referred to again and again.  I think this book should be in every writer's toolkit.  The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression is definitely worth the money you will spend on it.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Spotlight - Porcupine's Seeds

Porcupine's Seeds

Author:  Viji K Chary

Illustrator:  Bridget McKenna

Publisher:  4RV Publishing

Published:  February 2012

Genre:  Children's picture book 

Paperback, 28 pages

ISBN-10: 0983801843
ISBN-13: 978-0983801849

Porcupine longs to grow beautiful sunflowers in his garden just like Raccoon. When Raccoon gives Porcupine seeds, she says that all they need is soil, sun, and water. But growing sunflowers is not easy for Porcupine.

Viji K. Chary was born in India and immigrated to the United States at the age of two. Her passion for writing stories began in elementary school and has evolved from coaching children in various activities; including gymnastics, classroom activities and creative competitions. Her stories have been published in Highlights for Children, Ladybug Magazine, Hopscotch for Girls and many more.

Viji K. Chary's website

The World of Ink Network - Blog

The World of Ink Network - Website 

Facebook Event Page - Viji K. Chary WOI June '12 Tour


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